Kevin Soltysiak

Ember.js developer

Ember.js defines itself as a framework for creating ambitious web applications.

It aims to solve the same problem as other javascripts frameworks (such as angular.js, backbone.js, etc): making web applications feel like native software.

Some websites built with Ember: Apple Watch User Guide, Qualcomm, Twitch. Companies like Netflix and Yahoo are known to use Ember in projects (mostly internal ones).

Ember brings to the javascript ecosystem what Ruby on Rails brought many years ago: it's built for productivity, designed with developer ergonomics in mind, and therefore helps to get the job done, and done fast.

Moreover, the team behind the framework commited to stability without stagnation. This means maintenance will be eased as much as possible (no big application rewrite at each update), without having to sacrifice new features.

I have been developing with Ember.js since the first versions and have used it in many projects, from internal prototypes to offline web applications.

Recently, I've worked with and helped them kick-start their project. Then, I helped Scalingo transition their aging Ember.js application to actual standards: ember-cli, latest ember versions, best practices, while making sure future updates will be seamless.

Wether it's a new project or an existing one, a small prototype or a complete product, I can help you get it off the ground.

I'd be happy to talk more about it: you can join me at