Kevin Soltysiak

Web & mobile freelance developer

With several years of experience into web and mobile web development for various companies, I'm here to help YOU with your web projects from the inception phase up to last mile and beyond.

It doesn't matter if you're about to start a new project or if it's an already existing product. I can improve quality and productivity in any stage of a project.

I strive for simplicity ("things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler") and for using the right tools to solve the right problems.

I strongly believe in communication and interactions. I will not work for you but with you: you will be involved at every step of your project.

I focus on long-term viability. I will build your project on solid foundations, with tools designed to be used and maintained many years into the future.

Recent projects

I helped finish on time a few of their web applications - made with Ember.js and Ruby on Rails.

I hired Kevin to help us finish our products on time. Kevin was able to adapt and integrate quickly and allowed us to make progress in an agile and efficient way. With his help, we were able to meet our deadlines and satisfy our customers, it's very nice to work with him!

— Sébastien Poudat, CTO @

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I worked with Scalingo and helped them ensuring their dashboard - made with Ember.js - was up to date and future-proof.

We've worked with Kevin to speed up the deployment of our dashboard. He dived in our existing Ember.js codebase with ease and became efficient really quickly. He also assisted us in upgrading the successive versions of the framework. It has been really convenient working with Kevin and we strongly recommend his skills.

— Léo Unbekandt, CTO @ Scalingo

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Ruby on Rails expert

Whether you need help on a brand new project or are looking for someone to take care of your aging application, I have more than 4 years of expertise to put at your service. Read more...

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Do you need to explore a project idea before fully committing to it? Don't spend more time than necessary.
Whether for a web project or mobile application, I can help you get answers quickly.

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Ruby expert

Ruby doesn't need Rails to be a great and useful tool. I worked on several framework-less ruby applications over the years, including one of the main component at Trainline.

I've also developed applications in lighter frameworks such as Sinatra when Rails was not necessary, as well as many command-line utilities over the years.

Javascript developer

I've used intensively Ember.js, jQuery and programmed in other frameworks such as Backbone.js or Angular.js, and developed real-time features with technologies such as websockets or server-side events.

I also made offline web applications allowing the storage of files in the browser, and also server-side applications and tools with node.js.