Kevin Soltysiak

Web developer - Ruby on Rails

Who am I?

My name is Kevin, and I'm here to help YOU with your web projects.
I have been doing web development for the past years first at Novelys, then at and Trainline Europe (formerly Captain Train), and since a few months on my own.

Why work with me?

I believe in communication and interactions. I will not work for you, but with you: I begin a project by listening and learning — not showing you pictures.

I want to know about your company, your project, your customers, so that I know the best way to help you. Next, we put together a solid plan and start working towards your goals.

I strive for simplicity ("things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler") and adequacy - using the right tools to solve the right problems.

Who have you worked with?

Before being on my own, I was working at Novelys. I have been involved in most of the projects at Novelys since 2011, sometimes only for maintenance, sometimes as project-content developer.

Since then, I have been working with J'envoie du lourd, the team at Scalingo, and then, which I ended up joining full time before joining Trainline Europe.

And who knows, maybe you?